Check Your New Neighborhood


When searching for a new home, you want to make sure the new neighborhood is suitable for you.

•After Dark

After Dark, drive by the house you are interested in purchasing. Park on your new potential street and pay attention to the neighborhood nightly activity.

•Upkeep/General Maintenance

Property Value can spike and plummet depending on how the neighbors take care of their properties. Are the lawns groomed? Are the houses kept up and in good shape?


Make note of the kind of lifestyle your new neighbors live. Are their lifestyles compatible with yours?

•Noise, Noise, Noise

Spend some time around your potential new neighborhood. How is the noise level? Is it too quiet for you, or too loud?

•Weekend Traffic

Spend some time in your new neighborhood on the weekend. Check noise levels, parking and the overall atmosphere of your street.

•Elbow Room

Pay attention to how close you will be living in proximity to your neighbors. Do you share a fence, alley or driveway? Is there available guest parking?

•Local Recreation and Shopping Center

Spend some time in your local park and the shopping center closest to your new home. Do they offer all the services you’re accustomed to?

•Say Hello

Don't be afraid to say Hello and have a conversation with your potential neighbors. Get a first impression and ask them about the neighborhood.