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At Berkshire West Realty, we realize people do business with people they trust. We are interested in what is best for you, the client, and are committed to establishing a long-term relationship based on trust. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and staying current with changes in the industry that will affect the success of your transaction. We have extensive knowledge of the communities of the Murrieta and Temecula Valleys, strong negotiation skills, and the commitment to providing excellent service. All of these are crucial elements for a successful sale and a successful purchase. We help negotiate the best possible deal for our clients with each and every real estate transaction.

Berkshire West Realty was borne of a desire to do Real Estate better. Julie’s career with a local C/B brokerage saw her regularly in the top sales positions with multiple Diamond Society awards (top 10% of all C/B agents worldwide). Kevin left a career as operations director of a dairy cooperative where he was their legislative and regulatory affairs liaison, to work first, as a loan officer, and ultimately as the Business Manager for a large local mortgage banker.

Berkshire West Realty believes their people are their greatest assets.

About Kevin and Julie McLaughlin

Every one of us was born with God given talents. Our talents are helping people with buying and selling real estate. We are fair, honest and hardworking Americans!

Who is Julie?

Julie has always cared about people. She understands the importance of looking out for others the same way she would want others to look out for her. “I believe in treating others the way I want to be treated. I believe in doing good deeds for people, not because it’s a nice thing to do, but because it’s the right thing to do. God gave me free will to choose the things I want to do in life, and I know that the hard things will end up being a blessing not only for the person I’m doing them for, but it makes me feel blessed.” The ability and willingness to work hard when the work isn’t easy makes the difference. The commitment to the process of helping someone and getting it done is the reward.

Who is Kevin?

Kevin has the ability to comprehend multiple things and maintain an objective perspective. He’s always been eager to make things happen and doesn’t like excuses. He believes in taking action and getting results. His innovation and action is what creates his success. He is fair and honest. “You may not always like what I have to tell you, but it will be the truth.” He sees challenges as opportunities for growth by turning negative situations into positives and has the strength to stay focused on the end result. He loves the challenge of making progress. Every decision made is part of the journey that has ultimately led him to achievement and the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

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